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Thresh is Craig Threshie, Jewelry Artist, Former Architect and Former Mayor

Artist's Statement

"Aloha, I’m Craig Threshie, and my passion is for the real, the pure, the true; in life and in my art, composed of naturally rich and vibrant gems, luscious pearls, and noble metals. My soul seeks out the beauty in nature and in earth's cultures, and I celebrate the interplay of both in my original lost wax sculptural creations, integrating bold and fluid form, color, pattern, texture, light, and spirit. My love for Hawaii, the tropics and their reef environs comes from being a child of the Pacific and a sailor, and my jewelry art wears my tropical passion.
Aloha, Thresh"

Wear Your Tropical Passions

I've had a passion for designing and crafting natural stones, pearls and precious metals into jewelry art since I was nine, and have trained with many professional jewelers from across the country throughout my life. Melding my four+ decades of design expertise, my love for the art of opal and gemstone carving/cutting and my skills as a precious metal sculptor at the jeweler’s bench, I am creating tropically inspired jewelry art, of what I have been told repeatedly by my peers and customers is of exceptional beauty and quality. I create the majority of my precious metal sculptural settings through the art of lost wax sculpting and casting, as this process allows me the most flexibility and creativity to create the three-dimensional qualities that I love for my jewelry art. I celebrate the rich and completely unique Hawaiian culture, the magnificent sea life and the stunningly beautiful environment of the Hawaiian islands in my jewelry designs.

I'm a native Californian and I studied architecture, landscape architecture and city and regional planning at the University of California Berkeley, College of Environmental Design. I'm a former architect and landscape designer-retired, and I have enjoyed creating in this art form as well as in my jewelry. Environmental awareness and stewardship has always been an important aspect of my life. I have served as a chairman of my local Sierra Club group (The Maidu Group in the Sierra Nevada) and am a life member. I have supported and been active in numerous environmental organizations throughout my life. Today, through sales from Jewels of the Reef, I donate to some very important environmental non profits to help in their critical role in preserving the tropical reef environments of the world and the incredible cultures within them.

Community has also been a very strong aspect of my life, and I have served the Town of Truckee, California in the Sierra Nevada as Mayor, Town Councilman and Planning Commissioner. I have served in Rotary and numerous community and professional organizations and committees throughout my life.

Adventure has always been a passion for me and sailing is my preferred vehicle to that exploration of the tropical environs of the world. My jewelry artworks are heavily influenced by my tropical explorations and my love of all things nautical, and these passions have contributed to my creation of Jewels of the Reef and my relocation to Kauai island. You'll be able to see these influences both subtly and boldly throughout my website as you have fun exploring it.

Aloha and Enjoy,