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Aloha & E Komo Mai (Welcome)
Jewels of the Reef by Thresh
Please enjoy your visit to my web-gallery. Here you’ll find exquisite jewelry art, personally designed & hand crafted in my Koloa studio near Po’ipu on the spectacular south point of Kaua’i island, Hawai’i. My art is composed of naturally rich & vibrant gemstones, luscious cultured pearls and noble precious metals, inspired by the tropical beauty and culture of Hawai’i. You’ll find quality, integrity and aloha here. Mahalo nui loa(Thank You Very Much), Thresh
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Sculptural Jewelry Art
Hawaii Collection
Kai Aloha Pendant
Kai Aloha is ocean emotion! I created this flowing original sculpture to celebrate our love and respect for our beautiful oceans (Kai). Composed of a fine, lustrous Tahitian Black Pearl and Solid Sterling Silver.
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"I've been a fan of Craig's for more than 30 years and now only purchase all my jewelry through his website. Each piece I wear and each piece I give as a gift receive outstanding reviews. I'd love to buy every piece Craig creates!"
Sue L, Silicon Valley, CA
Sculptural Jewelry Art
Hawaii Collection
The Garden Isle Pendant
My Hawai’i collection celebrates many facets of these magnificent islands and their rich culture. The stunningly beautiful contrast of the rugged volcanic island of Kaua’i and the lush, exotic flora that thrives upon it led me to create this sculpture I call “The Garden Isle”.
"Craig Threshie at Jewels of the Reef creates beautiful art in the form of original jewelry. It’s completely unique and gorgeous. Jewels of the Reef provides excellent customer service – fast and super-responsive. They stand behind their art – any problems are corrected immediately."
Jon T, Pleasanton, CA
Sculptural Jewelry Art
Life on the Reef Collection
Hihimanu Pendant
My “Life on the Reef” collection of marine animal jewelry art focuses on important and in this case majestic members of the tropical reef community. I call this Spotted Eagle Ray piece “Hihimanu”, which means “Magnificence” in the Hawai’ian language.
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"I have purchased numerous items from Jewels of the Reef for special occasion gifts and could not be more pleased with the craftsmanship, quality and attention to detail that make his work so unique."
Gregg B, Sarasota, FL
Sculptural Jewelry Art
Life on the Reef Collection
Spirit Honu Pendants
My “Life on the Reef” collection focuses on important, and in this case very familiar and well loved members of the tropical reef community. In the Hawai’ian culture, the Green Sea Turtle, lovingly called “Honu”, is a revered animal which symbolizes humility, peace, longevity and the spirit within. Nui (large) or Li’i (small) sizes.

"Hi Craig; Well, your package arrived today and I have to say that we could not have been more pleased. Donna burst into tears when she saw it; stunning and spectacular were the words she kept repeating. Thanks for the time and the patience; she will wear it with pride, knowing that there is a story and person behind it. Best,"
Ray and Donna B, Ferndale, OR
Gem & Pearl Compositions
Bracelets, Earrings and Necklaces
Natural gemstones, real cultured pearls from the world over, tropical hardwoods and precious metals have always been a passion of mine, and designing and creating rich, vibrant compositions with them that evoke visions of the tropics and special places has continued to be a great joy for me.
"Craig, my husband and I were in Lake Tahoe and purchased the Aqua Terra Treasure II earrings, necklace and bracelet. Our daughter-in-law has come close to attacking me for the necklace and I thought I could get her one for Christmas."
Susan K, Chardon, OH
Conserve Our Reefs
Mea Ho’onani Kino no Olakino Maikai Kohola
(Beautiful Jewelry for Healthy Reefs)
My jewelry celebrates the tropics and the reef environs of the world. There are important reasons for this, going way beyond the beauty, mystery and richness of these awesome natural treasures. Reef conservation is all of our business, since reef destruction impacts all of us. Corral reefs and tropical rainforests are the two most biodiverse and arguably important ecosystems on the planet and they are the two most threatened and commonly destroyed by our own hand today. Jewels of the Reef supports outstanding tropical reef conservation non-profits with our sales (the more sales, the more contributed) and my work brings greater awareness and education to the cause. Please see my Conservation page for much more. Mahalo nui, Thresh

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