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Kaua’i Made- a program of Kaua’i County, Hawai’i

I am proud to announce that much of my jewelry art has been judged by the “Kaua’i Made” program operated by Kaua’i County to be certified “Kaua’i Made”, made with aloha. The Kaua’i Made program website elaborates that “every product you’ll find on this site was made or crafted on Kaua’i, by the people of Kaua’i, with love and respect for the aina (land) of Kaua’i”. This is a very important issue here in Hawai’i, as so much finished product of what is sold here is imported from other parts of the world (where labor standards and environmental issues are often ignored or non-existent) to make it look like it has been made here. It’s important that the work of those of us who create our art and products here are distinguished from those that are not, because many people who shop here care about supporting the island’s economy, and they want authenticity in what they acquire. The Kaua’i Made program provides this assurance.

When one lives and works on this magnificent island, a true aloha for the spirit of this place and the Hawaiian’s incredible culture and heritage becomes integral in everything one creates. Those pieces of my work that include the “Kaua’i Made” logo here in my web-gallery have been certified by the county program.

If you don’t see the “Kaua’i Made” logo on a piece of my jewelry art, I promise you that it is still created here in my Koloa studio; but since I source precious metals, gemstones, hardwood and pearls from all over the world, the county has chosen not to certify the pieces in my “Gem and Pearl” beaded compositions collection. This is due to the amount of materials and workmanship that was created somewhere else, before I personally designed and crafted them into a unique piece of jewelry art here. It’s a bit of a confusing issue, but I respect their decision.

All of my jewelry art is made with aloha, from my heart, and I am excited to be able to spread this spirit world-wide in my art and service.

Aloha, Thresh